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Customizable Pixel Display Waterproof Sling Bag

Customizable Pixel Display Waterproof Sling Bag

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Keeps the backpack in shape whether empty or full.

Made for fun

   can be customized to whatever pixel art you like on the screen.

Large main compartment

Take a little or a lot with you.

Keep water out with water-resistant fabric

Made of special waterproof fiber material, professional-grade waterproof, even if it rains, it will not get wet, smooth and wrinkle-free, light and environmentally friendly.

Keep everything in order

The front bag allows you to store the power bank to power the LED display, with several separate compartments inside the middle bag, The waterproof cross bag comes to make it an ideal day pack.

Easy to wear or off

They were designed with adjustable shoulder straps. The strap fastener has a strong magnet that firmly fixes the sling pack. While the buckle is easy to take off 

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